About Cryptocrunch

CryptoCrunch runs an investment fund that is fully focused on blockchain technology. We’ve been active in the blockchain industry since early 2011, resulting in significant experience in this market. Participants in the fund are professional investors that are interested in adding blockchain investments to their portfolio. Our fund is based in the Netherlands and operates in compliance to all regulation from Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).

Jochem Wierenga

Co-founded several succesful high-tech startups and has been actively involved in the blockchain industry for 6 years.

Joost van der Plas

Strong background in Telecom & Internet companies. Worked big corporates as wel as several startups.


Active in the blockchain industry since its early days

Extensive network of key players & startups

Vast knowledge in safely storing blockchain assets

Comprehensive startup experience, able to evaluate start-up teams and concepts.

blockchain technology

The potential future impact of blockchain technology on the world and the economy is huge. This post explains why this is our vision. If we look at current usage of blockchain technology in our everyday life, it is comparable to that of Internet usage in 1993: only insiders know how to use it and mainstream adoption still has to kick off. This phase in technological adoption is the ideal time to be one of the insiders and to invest in this technology.

Early stage investments that are tradable

One of the markets that are going to be disrupted by blockchain technology is the stock market. Most blockchain projects are already using the blockchain to issue assets in return for early stage funding. Those blockchain assets are tradable on highly liquid markets from the day they are issued. CryptoCrunch only invests in blockchain assets, not in traditional shares. This means that CryptoCrunch is able to reap the benefits of early stage investments (high potential returns) without the traditional disadvantage of regular Venture Capitalists (being stuck in an investment until the company exits).

What we do

We invest in blockchain projects and early stage startups, often joining the initial funding round. We do this with a mid- to long term vision. Apart from assessment of opportunities and making the actual investments, we also have the technical knowledge and experience to store the acquired assets safely.



Map the potential using multiple sources and criteria



Buy blockchain assets on exchange or during crowdsales


Store safely

Store assets using multi-level security methods



Observe development of start-up or rise
of competitors



Sell assets on exchange

Contact us

If you are a family office or other professional investor and interested in participating in our fund, please contact us.


Spaces Zuidas – Barbara Strozzilaan 101, 1083 HN Amsterdam, Netherlands


+31 (0) 6 24 302 667

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